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Passionate in full filling the dreams, always eager to learn and try new things best describes me rather than a tech savvy. Passion is the great force that unleashes the creativity inside me, giving wings to my dreams to reach out for the start of achievements. Eagerness to learn and dedication to my passion is the driving force to my success. When I realized technology as one of my best buddy, which is when my passion for building unique applications was born. With this I have earned lots of new experiences and opportunities on my journey towards accomplishments. When it comes to a team, I have the liberty to inspire and influence my teammates with my passion and together we achieve the milestones.

Being an entrepreneur I like to bring changes by exploiting the opportunities, where failures and setbacks are never been a road blocks. This is where I grew up with my ambitions, play with my stupidity, become crazy for adventures and finally fly like a confident bird towards my dreams.

As a person I like to express and share my thoughts to world, very friendly and approachable. But when it comes to professional life, passion and hard work brings in right recipe for a delightful application. Down the lane all I expect is to make myself proud that makes me stand on my dreams.


Catch me : mail@shabeebk.com

Ping me on Skype : shabeebvtp@outlook.com


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