Here is the options available to make easy use of plugin .


            lazy-scroll-trigger="whenToTriggrt(0-100 percentage of screen)"
            lazy-no-scroll="Boolean to make disable"

Here we can set 3 parameters

  1. lazy-scroll : This will parameter will accept any function name which we want to call on scrolling .  This function will keep on call when page is scrolling . If this is not mentioned , functionality will not work .
  2. lazy-scroll-trigger :  This is an optional parameter to controll scroll trigger. This parameter can accept value ranging from  0 -100, By using using this parameter , we can define when scroll function need to trigger. it varies from 1- 100 percentage of page.  for example if we mention  50 in this parameter , scroll function will called when mouse point reached on 50% of the screen.
Default value is 90%


3.  lazy-no-scroll : This is an optional parameter to disable scroll. This will parameter will accept boolean value (True or false). if it make to false , scroll will be disabled

Default value is false

More functionality will be included in second version.


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