Here is a list of commonly used git commands

  • Initiate a directory as git
git init --bare
  • Git clone
git clone url-to-git

example URL
  • Git status

it will show the files status – modified, tracking , untracked

git status
  • Git Add for tracking
git add filename
git add .
dot is using to add all files
  • Git commit
git commit -m "commit message"

If the file is under git track we can combine both comments in one line like

git commit -am "your-message"
git  commit -a -m "your-message"

-a to add
-m to commit message
  • Push your changes to server
git push

git push branch
  • Creating  branch in git
git branch  branch-name 
  • Switch to branch
git checkout branch-name
  • Create a new branch and switch to new branch
git checkout -b branch name
  • List all the branches
git branch -a
  • Merge Branch

Consider we have master branch A and another branch B,

To merge branch B changes to branch A,

git checkout branch A
git merge branch B

if any conflict happened, it will show conflict, we have to do modification and commit again.

  • Delete a branch
git branch -d <brach name>

this will delete if all the changes are merged, if you want to use force delete , even not merged,

git branch -D <branch name>
  • Upload branch into server at setting head for push
git push --set-upstream origin <branch name>
  • Stash all local changes
git stash
  • Take back stashed changes – This will take aback all the changes you stashed
git stash pop
  • Discard changes on one file
git checkout filename
  • Remove local commit  and reset to server head –  it will delete all the local changes
git reset --hard origin/branch name
  • List all the branches push/pull remote origin.

This will show all the remote and local branches and where it is pointing into

git remote show origin
  • Fetch and push origin list
git remote  -v
  • View uncommitted changes made
 git diff
  • To see all the logs
git log
  • To see log with difference
git log -p
  • Git log for a single file
git log -p file/path
-p will give changes also
  • Other options with git log
 git log --stat    //this will show only number of files changed and number of changes
git log --pretty=oneline    //show all the changes in one line with head and comment
git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ar : %s"   //show with name time and commit message

git log --author=username  //show only one user commit

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